Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas is one week away!

Free delivery if you're local! Pick up stocking stuffers here! I've got pins and pretty poinsettia soaps for the ladies, I've got some magnets and some cute ornaments, and I can make more kid soaps (I sold out of those at the holiday fair). My chocolate lollipops are 50 cents each, and I can make green, red, orange, chocolate brown, and white mint. You can order Christmas peanut brittle with holiday sprinkles or dipped in chocolate and sprinkled or not. I can make more cake bites too. They are like cake balls except they are square like presents for your mouth!

 Me at my table with ornaments, pins, and soaps

 My holiday peanut brittle before I broke it up
 My holiday cake bites!
 My packaged cake bites, peanut brittle, lollipops, and magnets
 Cute duckie and froggie soaps with rubber frogs inside!
($1.50 each)

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