Sunday, July 17, 2011

Increasing my Inventory! It's All Good!

 I took my wares to a flea market this weekend and shared a table with my mom. This flea market doesn't allow table vendors to sell food, so I couldn't take any treats like peanut brittle, cake balls, or brownies, but I had an assortment of pretty soaps. I made a soap tree display. Isn't it pretty? My aqua stars were jasmine scented, my rose soaps were rose scented, and my purple flower and tri-color star were wild berry scented. I don't remember what scent the soaps with toys are, but the kids sure loved them! I was mad when a dad told his little girl that she didn't need any soap! Everybody needs soap, right? But she put her money away, and we were both sad. 

I also made a large assortment of paper pulp pins. I learned that I should call them paper mache even though I don't use flour paste to make them. I think the hamburger pins are my favorite, but I like them all.

I didn't make a lot of money. Someone told me that summertime isn't the best time to sell at a flea market, so I will probably try again in the fall. It's fun to have a table at the flea market. I like to make money, and I also like to see all the different people and their dogs that come by!