Saturday, February 12, 2011

Two Days Till Valentines Day!

I put an order for three red heart soaps in the mail this week. That made me happy! Each soap had a different scent - jasmine is my favorite. It's so me! lolz

Anyway, I got a local order to make up a platter of cake balls and deliver them to an office. So I'm making triple chocolate, confetti, and strawberry cake balls. Cake balls rock!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine Goodies

It's a week till Valentines Day; are you ready? 

For people who don't want something sweet, I've got some lovely heart shaped soaps for $3 each. I've got gold hearts and red hearts with soap glitter in them. They are scented with a floral scent, and lavender vanilla is another option.

For the candy-lovers, I've got Valentine lollipops, two for a dollar. Two is the minimum order and they are 50 cents apiece above that. You can get flowers or hearts. They can be milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white mint, or red cherry flavored. The red cherry ones are featured here.

I've got peanut brittle at $6 a half pound, and it can be original or cinnamon. Then I've got chocolate-covered peanut brittle for $7 a half pound. Or I can cover the peanut brittle in a red vanilla flavored candy as pictured here. 

Finally, I've got cake balls! This week I'm making triple chocolate goodness cake balls, and another flavor that could be lemon, or butter pecan, or something else. All I need is someone to order a flavor! These cake balls get dipped in milk chocolate and drizzled or sprinkled with a pretty topping. Aren't they pretty? It takes two days to make them, so you need to order in advance to get them in time. They are six for $3 or a dozen for $6.  (I have an order that I will be delivering to someone's workplace as a surprise! That will be fun!)

You can scroll down my blog to find out more about my homemade soaps and candies. Thank you for visiting!