Monday, June 1, 2009

My Portfolio

This was a cropped photo of Leo the white cat in front of my pink sheers. I used the pinch and swirl filter to create this beautiful design! I think it is a cool design that I would hang on my bedroom wall. The mood is crazy!

This is my hoax photo of a fairy in a jar! I used layering and some filters to put it together. I had to erase around the fairy. I think I used the supernova filter to make a light streak to look like the fairy was inside the jar and not just pasted on top of it. The mood is fun and fantasy. This picture is going to be used as a graphic for a Fablehaven activity on the website! (My mom is a writer for edhelper, and she wanted to use my picture.)

This is my double exposure project. This picture is supposed to express me loving music a lot. I found a graphic of music notes and pasted my photo on top of it and changed the opacity of my photo. I also had to crop this to make it turn out right. This is a happy, musical mood picture!

This is my panorama picture. I made three, but this one turned out the best. Mom used a tripod to take pictures of me, and then I took the pictures and pasted them in a new document. I cropped to get the photos even. The sun kept changing that day. The mood is fun and playful.

This is a picture I took on vacation. I love the way the sun sparkles on the water like stars! I cropped it to get the rule of thirds and to get the boat closer. The mood is peaceful.

This is a combo of photo and drawing. I had to use layers to do this. I kept the drawn hands and heart in the middle, but let the pink blanket background show for added interest. The mood is love!

This is my praise flower! It looks like it's lifting its leaves to praise the Lord! I put my camera under the flowers and took pictures to see what it would look like. I liked this one a lot. I cropped it and used "auto correct" too. I had to use a layer to get the words on there. I chose pink to match the flower petals, and I put the verse on the clouds so that it would show up better. The mood is worshipful. I love this picture!

This is a picture I took after Christmas while our tree was still up. I didn't use a flash. I cropped it so that the fairy is the center of interest. The mood is magical!

This is a picture of flowers that I took in Pigeon Forge in April. I used "auto-correct to brighten the colors and the oilify filter to make this look like a painting. It could be a greeting card! The mood is cheerful.

This is a picture of my ice cream sundae! I used "auto correct" on it. I used the cartoon filter to make it look sort of cartoony. Doesn't it look yummy? The mood is delicious!
I hope you enjoyed seeing my pictures!

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