Saturday, October 23, 2010

Guest Soaps!

This weekend I went to a women's spa retreat, and I donated heart-shaped gift soaps for the goodie bags, and an assortment of peanut brittle and brownies for the snack counter. The biggest hit of the night was my chocolate-dipped peanut brittle!

Anyway, while I was making little heart-of-gold guest soaps, I went ahead and made gingerbread men and angel soaps. I didn't get a picture of the snacks, but I did get a picture of my guest soaps! If you would like some for the holidays, you get six for $3.00. These are all lavender-vanilla scented, but I can also do orange spice, calming jasmine, and honey almond scented soaps. Pine and apple are other scents I have. I wonder if I put them together, will I have pineapple? lol j/k!

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