Saturday, June 26, 2010

More Pretty Pins, and some pretty good Brownies!

I made new pins this week. Any of them could also be made as magnets if anyone wanted to special order some. I had a local order for healthy chocolate something. My first effort flopped :-p , but then I found a recipe for Black Bear Brownies. I tweaked it, and it's awesome! It's gluten-free and used agave nectar instead of regular sugar.

I made a lot of flower pins this week. I love pretty flowers! I made a heart pin too, a ladybug pin, and some large ice cream pins. And a cherry pie pin! Here they are:

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  1. I sold the whole pan of brownies today to Mrs. Wenner, and she loved them! She couldn't stop eating them!

    I sold the ladybug pin and a bluebird pin today too. I will have to make more. Those are the only 2 pins I make with wiggle eyes. :-)