Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm starting my own business!

Well, it's summer. School's out. Yay! I wanted a job, but that didn't turn out, so I decided to make a job for myself. I learned how to make paper pulp jewelry! It's fun! I'm going to post pictures of my cool and funky pins here. I hope to sell some.

Besides the pins, I'm going to make candy to sell. I've won many blue ribbons for my peanut brittle. So I will make that, and I'm working on some more ideas. I already got an order for something sugar-free and chocolate, so I'm working on a recipe for fudge balls.

Next on my list is soap. Soap-making is fun, so I'll make some pretty soaps to sell.

Lastly, I may do something with my photos. Some of them would look really good hanging on a wall, don't you think? Maybe I will add Bible verses to pictures of flowers and butterflies and things.

More info coming soon! Yay!

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