Monday, April 11, 2011

Easter and Mother's Day!

Easter is April 24 this year. Mother's Day is May 8! I would love to make some special candy or decorative soaps for you, or maybe a beautiful butterfly or flower paper pulp pin! My Easter cake balls will be chocolate dipped in a white candy coating and sprinkled with colorful candy sprinkles. A cost for a dozen cakeballs is just $6.00!  A half-pound of peanut brittle is $6.00. It's $6.50 if you want marshmallows or red hots added. A half-pound of chocolate-dipped peanut brittle is $7.00.

Maybe you don't want to fill your Easter basket with calories. I have some pretty flower soaps! You just let me know what color and what scent you want, and I can make some special glycerin soaps for you! I also make fun soap with toys inside for children. Click here to see those soaps.

I have lots of different molds for my paper pulp jewelry as well. I've got butterflies, ladybugs, flowers, frogs, and ice cream cones! These brooches are just $3 apiece! Click here to check some of them out.

Animal Chocolate Pops!
I hope you will think of me when you start planning your Easter baskets and Mother's Day gifts. Jasmine's Blue Ribbon Treats and More won't let you down! (I need to make money for my prom and for my school's trip to Carowinds! I am graduating from high school in June!)

Candy and cake balls are for local delivery only, but I can mail soap and brooches. Thank you!

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