Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Valentine Treats!

I'm having snow days! I still have to do school, but I don't have my voice classes, so I have had time in the kitchen to make candy! I made some yummy red vanilla coated peanut brittle and some cherry-flavored lollipops. I experimented with the centers on the flowers. The snow sprinkles just melted and don't look special, but the colored sprinkles worked. I'm going to try different colors in the center of the flowers. (Chocolate is also available, of course, but it won't be red.)

Dipped peanut brittle is $7 per half pound. If someone wants a mail order, the total with shipping & handling would be $12, and I will add three Valentine lollipops for free!

Lollipops are 50 cents each for local deliveries, and I can make what you want - flowers or hearts. I have the face heart, LOVE heart, plus a Hugs n Kisses heart and plain heart that aren't pictured.  

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